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Wireless for Site Owners

Partnering for better connectivity

ULL Networks partners with building owners and property managers who are interested in providing better broadband access to their tenants. With our Site Ownership Package, ULL Networks brings a high-speed, high-capacity wireless connectivity to you and your tenants or guests.

Better Broadband Access for You and Your Guests

ULL Networks’ broadband services hosted from your rooftop will add value and choices to how internet, data center and cloud based services are delivered to your site today for you and your guests. With a fast, reliable, always-on connection, ULL Networks can provide up to 200mb/s symmetrical service for the price you’d pay for 30mb/s – exclusively for ULL Networks partners.

With a ULL Networks partnership, you will get:

  • Access to lower cost broadband bandwidth for you & your guests
  • Utilize ULL Broadband capacity as the primary and/or backup provider to the site
  • Reduce overall outages with a truly diverse WAN connection
  • Offer a better performing network with fail over protection
  • Easily scalable broadband capacity based on network utilization demands
  • Have a professional partner in WiFi services for your organization

ULL Network Partners Enjoy:

  • Peace of Mind with Each Circuit
  • 99.99% Availability
  • Carrier-class performance
  • True Diversity to the Internet, and Data Center services
  • Scalable bandwidth capacity
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Pro-service experts, WiFi, Cloud Migration, Security Analysis
Your Building. Your Business. Your Investment

Because we care about your business, we guarantee to provide white glove premium services. Our promise is to provide worry-free installation that will not impact the value, integrity, or beauty of your building. All hardware equipment is top-of-the-line wireless antennas designed to minimize space while maximizing your connectivity options.

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