Circuit Optimization Services

Improving Your Network Availability

ULL Networks provides a suite of services that can improve network availability and optimize ultra-low latency circuit performance:

ULL Watch

ULL Networks has developed its own network monitoring system, which provides detailed physical site integration and RF ecosystem intelligence all in one platform.  ULL Watch incorporates three key components necessary to effectively support wireless infrastructure solutions:

  • Integration with Google Earth for snap-in environment overlay support
  • NMS for data collection and report generation
  • Independent Element Manager System (EMS) integration for supporting device-level control. 

Combining all of these elements into a single platform enables ULL Networks’ staff to proactively and quickly correlate weather events to actual circuit performance.

ULL Flash Tune

ULL Flash Tune is a service exclusively developed by ULL Networks to instantly provision the ULL infrastructure with one primary goal in mind:

  • Establish the lowest latency transmission available on the circuit path based on “optimal” weather conditions.

Flash Tune as a service function can be utilized on demand provided key factors are met. Weather conditions, time of day, along with other predetermined criteria work together in order to determine an established baseline condition. When all conditions are met, the circuit may then be optimized through push-instructions executed from ULL Flash Tune. ULL Flash Tune may also be used to help stabilize the network, thereby maintaining overall circuit availability/uptime during adverse weather conditions.

ULL Flash Tune uses purpose-built PERL/TCL script development. Provisioning instructions are pushed to key components operating the overall circuit simultaneously, instantly adjusting RF link mode and RF modulation schemes to packet processing for maximum performance when prompted by client request for trade execution.

ULL Engineering Consultation

Proper network optimization procedures and project plan development are essential to any ULL wireless network. A ULL Networks engineering consultant serves as the executive management and principal engineering advisory resource in support of the entire service delivery lifecycle.