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Hybrid connectivity solutions – The Best of Both Worlds

Raleigh, NC February 19, 2016

By using a combination of available technologies, businesses in the financial market can have both the advantages of speed and reliability for high performance connectivity. Fiber is reliable but slow when compared to ultra-low latency wireless solutions. Ultra-low latency wireless is fast (on average 33-50% faster than fiber), however on some aggressively designed circuits, availability may suffer in certain weather conditions. Therefore, a hybrid solution using ultra-low latency wireless as the primary connector, and fiber as the secondary back-up alternate allows for both performance and reliability.

Taking advantage of the speed of transmission that ultra-low latency wireless provides, and the reliability of fiber, our financial clients have peace of mind knowing that they have the best solution available. With full protection against weather and power outages, and a hit-less convergence resulting in zero packet loss, this means 100% packet throughput in any condition. It is business as usual for organizations relying on high performance connectivity.

Why not get the fastest connectivity possible with a hybrid fiber AND ultra-low latency wireless solution?


ULL Networks - Leveraging Drone Technology

Raleigh, NC February 2, 2016

The use of drones in the commercial sphere has incredible potential as shown in the media. Drones can be used to transport packages for retail organizations, to showcase properties by aerial photography and video, and for site survey work for the telecommunications industry.

Site Survey Work

- Supporting carriers to easily identify locations for mounting RF radio systems

  • Reduced time and coordination for developing A&E drawings
  • Quick Identification of structural / spacing issues
  • Fast verification of power and grounding requirements
  • Video content utilized to direct installers
  • Conduct inventory and/or site audits of systems in the field
  • Conduct safety inspections of installation sites
  • Reduced crane rental requirements

Line of Sight Verification

- Establishing target locations

  • Still photography used to confirm LOS at specific elevations
  • 3-5 mile validation
  • 30 mile validation coming soon