MSA Reference Terms & Conditions



This page contains terms and conditions for end users of ULL's Services, as defined in, and, referenced by, the ULL Master Services Agreement. This page is not an Agreement between ULL Networks and any third party,


1. Agreement means this Master Customer Agreement and all Exhibits hereto (the "Exhibits"). The Exhibits contain essential terms and conditions which are a part of this Agreement, and which are binding on the Parties. The Exhibits may be modified from time to time during the Term of this Agreement (as defined herein) at the sole discretion of ULL, subject to thirty (30) days advance written notice to Purchaser, unless a shorter time period is otherwise provided in this Agreement.

2. Billing Period means the period of time between the presentment of invoices to Purchaser.

3. Customer means any individual or entity which purchases Services from ULL and either utilizes those Services for itself, or offers those Services to End Users. By entering into this Agreement, Purchaser is a Customer of ULL.

4. Disconnect or Disconnection means the cessation of Service from the network of an Underlying Service Provider (as defined herein) such that no further use of the Service is available to an End User from the network of the Underlying Service Provider. Disconnection with respect to a Service may be subject to Fees and Charges (as defined herein and which may be shown on Exhibit A) which are subject to change at ULL's sole discretion.

5. End User means any individual or entity, either residential, commercial, non profit, or government, which has access to any of the Services made available for sale or use by ULL through Purchaser during the Term of this Agreement.

6. Fee(s) and Charge(s) means the amounts charged by ULL to Purchaser in exchange for Services provided by ULL to the Purchaser. Fees and Charges may include NRCs, MRCs, Taxes, Pass Through Charges, and other appropriate charges (all as defined herein). For billing purposes, certain Services may be broken down into Single Line Equivalent Services.

7. Moves Adds Changes Deinstallation or MACD means any change in a Service other than Disconnection which includes, but is not limited to, changes to the delivery of Service to the End User from one physical location of the End User to another physical location of the End.

8. Monthly Recurring Charge or MRC means a Charge that recurs every month for a Service or a Feature. MRCs may include charges for Services, Pass Through Charges and Other Charges including, but not limited to regulatory charges or Taxes.

9. Non-Recurring Charge or NRC means a one-time Charge for installation or activation of a Service, or for a device or shipping of a device, or other one-time Charges as may be mutually agreed upon by the Parties. NRCs may include charges for Services, Pass Through Charges and Other Charges including, but not limited to regulatory charges or Taxes.

10. Other Charge(s) means those charges not explicitly defined in this Agreement. Other Charges may be assessed to Purchaser on a per order or per incident basis.

11. Service(s) means Provided Services which ULL has made available to Purchaser in individual or in combination form by this Agreement.

12. Tariff means a rate for Services charged from one entity to another, where such rates or charges are publicly recorded in accordance with statute, law or regulation, with a governmental oversight business.

13. Tax(es) means Charges levied against Services by governmental bodies which include but are not limited to federal, state or local sales, use, excise, gross receipts or other taxes or tax-like fees of whatever nature and however designated (including tariff surcharges and any fees, charges or other payments, contractual otherwise, for the use of public streets or rights of way, whether designated as franchise fees or otherwise) which are imposed, or sought to be imposed, on or with respect to the Services furnished by this Agreement or measured by the charges or payments therefor.

14. Usage means incoming or outgoing voice calls, video transmission, connectionless access, data transfer or other usage received or placed by End Users, or by Purchaser's own employees or staff, associated with any of the Services provided by this Agreement.