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We understand you may have questions about ULL Networks and our network connectivity solutions. These Frequently Asked Questions should help answer some of your questions. Still have a question that we haven't covered here? Contact Us and one of our service representatives will happily help you.


Local ULL Broadband FAQs

What is ULL Broadband?

ULL Broadband is a service delivery for small, medium, and large enterprises, offering Internet, Ethernet, and dedicated bandwidth to your area. With a focused target area starting around Cary, and Apex in North Carolina, we offer an underserved market with a competitively-priced, high-quality choice. As the new enterprise on the block, ULL Broadband endeavors to provide top quality service, short installation timelines, service level agreements, portal access for easy monitoring, and continuous service improvement.

Will your prices be more expensive?

ULL Broadband is competitively-priced, please see our standard pricing for more details, or please feel free to contact a ULL representative.

Will the time for installation disrupt my business operations?

On average, installation requires 5 – 10 days. ULL’s goal is for minimal disruption and the swiftest deployment possible given your business parameters. Please feel free to contact our ULL representative for more details.

What speed/bandwidth do you offer?

For most enterprises, we offer 10 – 50 Mb, and for some strategic areas such as business parks, we can provide up to 10Gb. Our ULL representative is available to discuss the options with you should you have specific requirements.

Does your service cover my area?

Please check our coverage map, which shows currently covered areas. Bearing in mind, we are continuously improving our services and increasing our coverage capabilities, please contact a ULL representative for more information.

What if I have connection issues?

Our easily accessible web portal is an excellent first stop as a resource for any issues that you encounter. Should you be unable to find the help you are looking for, ULL Broadband provides a Tier 1 helpdesk support service to try to resolve your technical difficulties.


Network Connectivity  FAQs

What do you mean by purpose-built networks?

ULL Networks can provide you with the connectivity you require by creating a custom solution linking one endpoint to another endpoint, or to several, depending on your specifications. A purpose-built network is a solution built specifically for your needs. Whether you are looking for connectivity within a campus, or a metro area, linking a data center to a corporate office, connecting several points across large areas or to a sea landing point in order to connect to international markets, ULL Networks will work with you to devise a custom solution.

Why not use an existing network rather than build my own?

Many organizations are unaware of the availability and feasibility of building their own network compared to linking to an existing one. Most of the time, this is simply due to being unaware of the use of technology, its reliability, its effectiveness, and efficiency, which has improved and become increasingly more available to businesses. The cost is also much more competitive, for more information, please see our standard pricing or speak to a ULL representative.


Managed Network Services FAQs

What is a managed network service?

A managed service is typically subscription or contract-based whereby a third-party agrees to maintain a particular function of a business according to specified service level agreement (SLA). By partnering with industry experts such as ULL Networks for a managed network service, you can be sure that your network will be monitored and maintained to its optimal level.

Can you manage and maintain my existing network?

Yes, reduce your costs and focus on your core business by partnering with ULL Networks to manage and maintain your existing network. By conducting a thorough site evaluation, and developing a set of requirements, we can monitor your current infrastructure to ensure optimal performance.