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Our Methodology

Creating Carrier-Class Connectivity

ULL Networks is dedicated to creating carrier-class connectivity for enterprises worldwide. Our approach to constructing this carrier-grade broadband network starts by assembling a team of broadband and telecommunication experts who know the requirements necessary for delivering the fastest broadband service available in the metro, metro-edge, and rural community markets.

Key components for developing projects:


  • Redundant Tier 1 Internet Connectivity
  • Fiber Backhaul/ MPLS integration
  • RF Path Survey Analysis

FCC Engagement

  • Spectrum Licensing
  • Bi-Annual FCC 477 Filing: Registration of all spectrum use, and coverage area

Site Development

  • Multi-tenant buildings, Stand-alone sites, Towers, and Water Tank facilities
  • Site Acquisition: Lease Approval, Zoning Permit, Building Permit

A&E Pre-Construction

  • Physical Site Inspection
  • Construction Drawing/Structural Studies
  • Tower Mapping

Data Center, POP, CPE, Construction

  • Installation
  • Fiber Backhaul/ MPLS integration
  • Customer Sign-off acceptance

Customer Interface Web Portal

  • Accounting / Billing
  • Customer Support
  • News and Updates










The ULL Networks Approach

ULL Networks offers 360° support to service providers and enterprise clients of all sizes. ULL Networks can manage connectivity projects of any size, location, or budget. We use our expert capabilities to work within your project scope by assessing your needs, developing a plan, and executing on a network design that will improve your bandwidth. Broadband and ultra-low latency connectivity projects can start with with pre-existing infrastructure or building a whole new network of infrastructure. At ULL Networks, we are perfectly positioned and poised to offer a complete range of connection capabilities.

Purpose-Built Networks

At ULL Networks we recognize different organizations have different needs for their network. No two networks are the same. This is why we focus on purpose-built network solutions that allow us to scope, plan, and implement the right path of connectivity for you and your organizations. We can connect endpoints between locations. We can connect corporate office buildings to data centers, go from data center to data centers, or take your connectivity to the sea landings for an even further reach. 

Purpose-built networks give us the flexibility to implement the latest technologies when developing the next generation of connectivity. We intergrate wireless technologies as well as fiber and terrestial lines to open pathways of connectivity that give you true diversity.

For a detailed look at how ULL Networks can work with your organization,  contact us for a Custom Connectivity Consultation.