local broadband
Coming soon to St Petersburg!

Local Broadband - Better Connectivity for Local Enterprises

ULL Networks is providing high performance connectivity to your area!

As a new competitor in the Tampa & St Petersburg markets, ULL Networks offers a state-of-the-art, ultra-low latency alternative to your current provider. This means broadcasting a signal to your business using best available technology and strategic site acquisition to provide you with increased bandwidth, greater speeds, and more competitive prices.

With small-to-medium businesses increasingly demanding enterprise-level connectivity, and with large corporations expecting top-quality service with guaranteed uptimes and support, there is a need for a fast, reliable, and cost-effective solution from a trusted provider. For those underserved businesses who pay expensive fees for an average service, there is a clear opening in the market for an ultra-low latency provider who can cater for the volume and speed that you need to conduct business efficiently.

ULL Networks can develop a network infrastructure to accommodate your business requirements and provide scalability should you need to expand your capabilities. With a local provider in place, your business will have the resources necessary to operate quickly and efficiently in this ever-evolving technology-driven world. It has the added bonus of being more environmentally-friendly. With ULL Networks, there is no need to dig into the ground and lay down fiber, and so avoiding construction costs means benefits for the surroundings with cost-savings passed on to you.

ULL Broadband Gives You Value:
  • Symmetrical: No additional charge for same upload and download
  • Scalable: 5 mbps - 200 mbps
  • Affordability: The design of a wireless network is inherently less expensive, thus we pass the savings onto customer
  • Reliability: 99.99% SLA guaranteed uptimes
  • Support: 24/7 - 365 customer support
  • Speed: Light speed from business to multiple tier 1 carriers
  • Redundancy: load balanced / diversity
  • Installation: Install in 4 days


Contact Us!


If your business is located in the coverage area then you could potentially have access to ULL Networks! Check if you have access by giving us a call at 877-466-1484 to speak to a ULL representative or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about the service and your access to it. Should your business find itself in a prime position for high performance connectivity, ULL Networks will work with you to ensure a fast and reliable set-up coupled with great customer service.

Starting Local

For many communities, current local Internet access is neither reliable nor fast enough to take advantage of all the resources the Internet affords. As a result, businesses and governments are left to deal with outdated modes of conducting operations, less-than-optimal communication, and an economic disadvantage in this era of global business. Without the ability to communicate quickly, medical facilities and area officials may be less prepared for emergent situations. In addition, local school districts may not be able to offer students the latest educational services.

By partnering with ULL Networks, local enterprises can level the economic playing field and enhance communication with a fast, secure, and affordable wireless broadband offering for your enterprise businesses.

We also work with local businesses and municipalities to identify usable existing structures—such as water towers, buildings, and cell towers—to cut construction time and cost.

ULL Networks takes advantage of a vast best-of-breed product selection and sound industry relationships to produce a rural broadband solution that is both high quality and cost effective. Our product recommendations offer capacities up to 5 Gbps and protocol support in Internet Protocol, WiMAX, STM-1, and T1/E1.