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Data Center to Data Center Connectivity Solutions

Extending Your Workload Mobility

Attract and retain large enterprise clients by offering alternative solutions for reaching neighboring Data Center(s). Wireless broadband connectivity can be the ideal back up solution for data centers who find themselves in situations where there's limited capacity, extremely high outages caused by terrestrial land line events, or there is simply not enough diversity.

Data centers must rely on their connectivity in order to provide value and services to their clients. By creating connectivity solutions between multiple data centers, the ULL Networks team can provide pathways for data to be transported via broadband wirelessly. These types of broadband connections between data centers are ideal in situations where heavy construction zones jeopardize terrestrial fiber lines, too many carriers share the same common facilities and you want to diversify for a better connection, or when right of way and permitting issues lead to extended fiber construction delays.

Extend your data center’s network with broadband connectivity by ULL Networks. Data center connectivity solutions provide workload mobility between data centers that are dispersed across multiple locations.

By providing a more reliable wireless connection between data centers you ensure:

  • A secure connection
  • Data resilience
  • Efficient data mobility
  • Diversified connection

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Operational consistency in the event of an outage, ULL Networks’ wireless connectivity experts can assess your data center connection needs and provide a custom quote for optimal performance and backup redundancy for your network.

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