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Metro Ring Connectivity

Connecting Organizations within the Same Region

ULL Networks has the experience necessary to provide Metro Ring connectivity of terrestrial lines for your network at a considerably lower price. ULL Network provides best-of-breed products and custom turnkey solutions. These solutions can be designed to address any need, from a speedy MMw backhaul to a 6-40 GHz line for flexibility and greater backhaul distance to IP and WiMAX access. Regardless, Mercury Z’s Metro network possibilities are truly without limit.

With Metro Ring Connectivity wireless speeds are faster than those of terrestrial line (with ultra-low latency options available), they yield a faster ROI, they don’t require expensive land destruction, and they don’t produce the time delays associated with rights-of-way and permitting. Metro Ring network possibilities are truly without limit.

Reasons Your Enterprise Will Benefit from Metro Ring Connectivity in your region:

  • Never outgrow your network
  • A truly scalable wireless solution 
  • Easily adjusted to changing your changing business needs 
  • Reduced downtime with guaranteed uptime
  • Enhanced disaster recovery through wireless and the existing terrestrial network 
  • Fully supports productivity
  • Makes communication simpler
  • Wireless VPN options allow secure, cross-organizational collaboration

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