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True-Air Diversity

Ensuring an Always-On Connection

ULL Networks helps service providers utilize the most ultimate high performance WAN solution - TRUE AIR Diversity. ULL Networks’ True-Air Diversity connectivity solution gives telecommunication service providers of all sizes the ability to create an ‘always-on’ connection for those mission-critical connections within your network.

This truly diverse wireless path creates a backup option to the point of exchange in order to ensure circuit redundancy without requiring additional terrestrial lines.

Industries who demand the highest performance standards are often limited by the amount of diverse cable plant facilities in the ground serving the business. Many service providers know that by signing up multiple carriers, services may still traverse over common junction points, intersections, and/or conduits. In many cases there is just no guarantee of fiber/copper pairs delivered on a dedicated path. A True Air Diversity solution from ULL Network can help you create a wireless path of redundancy thereby guaranteeing your disaster recovery (DR) plans perform as expected.

A True Air Diversity Solution Helps You:

  • Create a redundant and reliable back up to your current circuit
  • Promote 100% private network infrastructure
  • Identify additional sell-through opportunities that may not fit a wireline service, but are perfect for wireless 

ULL takes diversity to the next level with the advantage of owning and operating its own network and access facilities end-to-end. That means our fixed wireless, broadband Ethernet network bypasses all buried access utilities and ensures true last-mile diversity for all types and sizes of industries - from service providers to private enterprises looking for a better path for B2B communications, B2Internet connectivity, and B2Data Center connectivity. In addition, ULL Networks can install the right solution in days as opposed to months, unlike cable and terrestrial-based fiber service providers. 

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How Does It Work?

Think of the True-Air Diversity solution as a safety net for your wireless connection. We use the best-in-breed installation tools to create an end-to-end path that is an alternative to terrestrial fiber lines. This solution gives businesses carrier-class availability.

These wireless pathways can be used as primary or secondary paths to reduce the burden of your high-bandwidth business applications or to accommodate increased traffic on your network. These True Air Diversity solutions are scalable and available for any network budget to produce a quick return on investment (ROI).

ULL Networks offers a comprehensive set of deployment services for a True-Air Diversity Wireless solution – including site survey studies, complete project management, network design and implementation, full managed network services, site acquisition and testing, and more.