Wireless Last Mile

Making Broadband Connectivity a Reality

ULL Networks’ Wireless Last Mile is the go-to solution for businesses, communities, and schools who want to go the distance with their networks without impacting their broadband capacity. Site-to-site interconnectivity can provide broadband speeds up to 2.5 GB/S. Wireless Last Mile solutions can be used for campus inter-connectivity, network backhaul, or as a full network backbone.

ULL Networks prides itself in providing carrier-class last mile coverage that is scalable and cost-efficient. Compared to traditional terrestrial circuits, a wireless last mile can provide many benefits to your enterprise – including a faster connection, a reliable backup, and minimal impact on the environment.

Last Mile Connectivity Solutions include:

True-Air DiversityDisaster RecoveryCustom Site-to-Site Build

Our Last Mile solutions use a point-to-point Layer 2 VPN Ethernet service that connects any two points in your network. This solution provides a port-based private line with dedicated rate speeds to create a transparent service of speed and connectivity. Last Mile solutions are available via a 10/100/1000M Ethernet port. Bandwidth speeds are available from 5 to 1000 Megabits (depending on service area availability).

Long haul solutions can provide a variety of support for on-net or off-net last mile. ULL Networks experts are available to find the right solution for your organization’s needs.

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